Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rivers of Rainbows: Part 2

Part 1 of this subject left me with a mystery on my hands. I had gone down to see the trout climb the fish ladder at the Goodyear dam a week ago and they had disappeared. Well I still haven't solved it. I was back down with Jake and Isaiah this morning and did see quite a few fish jumping. There was no where near the volume that we had seen ten days before. I did manage to remember my camera and got some video.

As you can see the water level is quite high and in fact is much higher than it was on the thursday of my original post. However the time of day was the same as the friday when I saw nothing. We have had substantial rain in the last few days and that might be a factor. With the high water the only fish visible today were the big ones at least two feet in length. If there is anyone reading this who knows something about what makes them climb the ladders some days and not the others please post a comment or email me.
On the fence at the fish ladder is a bunch of poster boards informing the public about the ladder and the dam and how they are in the process of studying improving the fish ladder. Thats all great but it sort of begs the question; Since Goodyear no longer uses the dam for its industrial purpose, why keep it there at all? A stick of dynamite would take care of the dam and eliminate the need for the ladder completely. Just a thought. There are probably good reasons for not doing it. Again comments or emails are welcome.

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